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Way, way back in 2014 Google announced that security for their users (people searching) was of top priority and they would begin ranking websites using top-rated security higher than those that did not. They noted this as a call for “HTTPS EVERYWHERE”.

Flash forward to June of 2018 and this seems to have finally come to a realization. Real enough that now website owners who are not HTTPS compliant are being noted as such with a WEBSITE NOT SECURE message from the almighty Google overloads. While it is difficult to truly measure the effect of complying with this policy (by adding an SSL certificate to your website) as it pertains to your organic search rankings—particularly between 2014–2018—this step by Google ensures us that HTTPS EVERYWHERE is a serious thing. Well, as serious as anything that takes 4 years to come to full fruition could be.

In short, even if you have a simple website that just presents data—such as mom’s recipes—the days past of not needing an SSL certificate are gone. What was typically reserved for sites processing credit card payments or storing customer data is now becoming mandatory for everyone. Overkill? Maybe, but I for one welcome our Google overlords’ decision in forcing online security forward.

If all of the above is too technical for you, please allow my muppet self, who is much more entertaining than I, take a shot at explaining:



Questions about HTTP EVERYWHERE or SSL Certificates and security? Reach out to us at Generations Beyond at 631.696.0324
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We proudly present the latest from the GB labs. It will undoubtedly be the best damn recruitment video you see today! Enjoy:

The job market can be a tough for a prospective employee, but Long Island based digital marketing firm Generations Beyond has found that it’s no easy task for employers either. “It’s been incredibly difficult for us to find just the right team member,” says Jesse Wroblewski, founder and CEO of Generations Beyond. “We felt like we’d exhausted traditional methods, and we wanted to get creative. Creative is our business, after all, so we thought, what’s something we all love?” The answer, as it turned out, was film.

A rapidly growing firm, hiring is a constant challenge, as larger projects require a growing staff, but at Generations Beyond, it’s not just about the resume.
“Fitting in is a big deal for us,” says Project Manager Jo-Anne Guiliani, “We all love to have fun, and we like to have fun together. The ad really showcases the culture at Generations Beyond. Not that we’re thugs or anything!”

The idea was originally conceived as a joke about client requests. “You can’t help but wonder what a client is thinking when they hire experts to do a job, and then don’t accept that advice,” says Brendan Bailey, head of Creative for the firm. “I was mimicking that scene from Goodfellas with Joe Pesci, and everyone said, you know, people should see that, it’s hilarious.” With that, the idea for a Goodfellas themed recruitment video took shape.

“It was a little daunting” says Corey Adams, who heads the videography department. “The idea of remaking an iconic scene that’s already been flawlessly shot by Scorsese? That’s intimidating. But I’m really happy. We really pulled it off, and it’s funny too, which is great.”

The finished commercial, which follows the life of “the kid, Henry” as he first interns, and then works for, and finally takes a wrong turn and abandons Generations Beyond, is an unusual way to recruit, but for Owner Jesse Wroblewski, that’s what makes it great. “We know this film is not for everyone, we want to attract those special types of people that get it.”

Generations Beyond is very proud to announce an all-new alliance with Silicon Valley based, leader in offer science Fanplayr. We believe that adding this powerful new tool to our extensive toolbox at Generations Beyond will help us drive even more leads and traffic to our existing family of clients. Press release is below:


Offer Science’ Company Hits Landmark as Result of Partnerships with Ecommerce Leaders  
Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) October 17, 2012


Fanplayr, the leader in Offer Science, today announced that it has signed its 1000th online retailer since launching just six months ago in March 2012.   This milestone is due to the popularity of the company’s two Offer Science products, ‘Gamified Offers’ and ‘Smart & Targeted Offers’ with the industry leaders with whom the company has partnered, such as eBay’s X.commerce, Magento, Shopify, Ifeelgoods, MailChimp, First Data, CardSpring and Constant Contact. These companies have all integrated Fanplayr into the fabric of their marketing services, offering them to their Internet retail customers who have readily adopted them.   “Online merchants are moving quickly to adopt Fanplayr’s Offer Science because it provides them with the ability to identify, profile and segment each visitor in real-time with targeted offers that increase visitor conversion, revenue and lifetime value,” said Simon Yencken, CEO of Fanplayr. “Fanplayr is democratizing consumer identity and Big Data for all ecommerce retailers so that they can build better relationships with their customers through the same advanced identification and targeting technology used by such major retailers as and that turn visitor identity into insight for real-time offer marketing.”


“We are really impressed by Fanplayr’s Offer Science and believe that it will transform how retailers identify, segment and target their online visitors,” said Jesse Wroblewski, Founder of Generations Beyond. “As a new Fanplayr partner, we are excited to be able to help our clients target their desired traffic segments with offers designed to drive key performance revenue objectives.”



About Fanplayr
Fanplayr ( is the leader in targeted real-time ecommerce offers. By harnessing the power of Big Data, Fanplayr’s two proprietary Offer Science products, ‘Smart & Targeted Offers’ and ‘Gamified Coupons & Offers’ marketers can identify, profile and target visitors with customized offers as well as with gamified coupons. Fanplayr is venture backed with headquarters in Palo Alto, California. More information is available at


Read more:

In a rare moment of shameless self-promotion may I present to you “New Website Smell” our first TV spot airing this year.

libnI was recently interviewed by Long Island Business News on the topic of my last post about using video on the web to estabslish yourself as an expert and drive traffic to your website.

During the interview we spoke at great length about the topic however LIBN must have had to really broaden the topic to reach a more general “non-techy” audience. It helped me realized that while this is an incredibly cheap, fast and powerful way of marketing via the internet it can also seem a bit overwhelming to the casual business owner so I plan on creating a video explaining this great means of marketing very soon! Stay tuned!

You read the article below which was taken from their website at:

Jack Chapman, a salary negotiation expert in Chicago, wanted to increase the amount of time people linger on his Web site. So he added video.

In the past, that might have been complicated and costly, requiring new coding, the use of a special server to accommodate video, and a studio. Not anymore.

Chapman used $70 floodlights and a video camera to record himself at home giving free salary negotiation tips and then uploaded the video to YouTube. Jesse Wroblewski, owner of Mastic Beach-based Generations Beyond, helped him link the video to his Web site and Chapman was ready for his close-up.

“It looks like you’re playing a video on my site,” Chapman said. “All you’re doing is clicking a button and watching a video on YouTube.”

As the Internet shifts from a static to a moving medium, firms are finding they can make the leap to moving pictures with little more than a camera, a computer and creativity. And sites like YouTube are making it easier than ever.

“I don’t know how I would’ve done it,” Chapman said. “You can embed video in a Web site. But I don’t know how to do it. This was easy enough.”

Wroblewski said small and large companies increasingly use YouTube and other video search engine technologies to present and post videos easily, quickly and cheaply to grow their business and recruit.

“They do it all,” he said of YouTube. “They host your video. If you get a million visitors, you’re not going to see an increase in your budget.”

Murray Kleiner, president of technical writing firm Murray Kleiner Associates in Plainview, said sites, such as YouTube, shield small businesses from additional costs.

“When you have videos on your server, it takes up bandwidth and you pay for that,” he said. “If you put it on YouTube, it’s not your problem anymore.”

Other video search engines let companies post videos including, and Vimdeo. And Myspace and Facebook offer video. But Wroblewski said YouTube, owned by Google, is the giant garnering the most hits and postings.

“Now that YouTube is so popular, people are using it to search for what they need. You can film a video, upload it to YouTube. Within a half hour it’ll be indexed,” Wroblewski said. “We’re helping clients create videos to get them indexed on YouTube to drive traffic to their Web site.”

And Kleiner said YouTube’s biggest benefit may not be ease of use, but traffic. “Because more people visit YouTube, there’s a good chance they may get to see your video,” he said. “If your video’s only on your Web site, the biggest challenge is to get them to go to your Web site.”

Companies also can create what amounts to their own Web page on YouTube filled with videos offering tips, demonstrations or communications with viewers.

“Each company can brand their own page with their corporate look and feel to stand out from the crowd,” Wroblewski said. “It’s a big sea, but compared to all the other search engines on the Internet, it’s still a tiny pond. You’re talking about all the Web sites in existence versus the videos there.”

Wroblewski said companies can use video to position themselves as experts and connect with customers. “People see you on a video,” Wroblewski said. “You’re sharing your information with them. It’s instant rapport. It builds equity in who you are.”

Video also keeps people interested longer than text. Chapman’s average site visit since he posted his video rose from 30 seconds to longer than two minutes.

“By putting videos there, people stay there longer and look at the rest of the content,” Chapman said. “It seems that the pedagogy of having me talk about things worked better than making people just read.”

In addition to getting interest and business, companies can monetize traffic to their video. pays for videos generating 10,000 or more hits. “If you provide useful enough information, you can get a check cut for uploading your video,” Wroblewski said.

Although posting video to YouTube is free, firms face risks. Viewers can post malicious comments unless firms turn off the comment function. Inappropriate videos can go up in the “related video” bar based on words you type to describe your video. “Companies may want to keep control of their own stuff,” Kleiner said.

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