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Way, way back in 2014 Google announced that security for their users (people searching) was of top priority and they would begin ranking websites using top-rated security higher than those that did not. They noted this as a call for “HTTPS EVERYWHERE”.

Flash forward to June of 2018 and this seems to have finally come to a realization. Real enough that now website owners who are not HTTPS compliant are being noted as such with a WEBSITE NOT SECURE message from the almighty Google overloads. While it is difficult to truly measure the effect of complying with this policy (by adding an SSL certificate to your website) as it pertains to your organic search rankings—particularly between 2014–2018—this step by Google ensures us that HTTPS EVERYWHERE is a serious thing. Well, as serious as anything that takes 4 years to come to full fruition could be.

In short, even if you have a simple website that just presents data—such as mom’s recipes—the days past of not needing an SSL certificate are gone. What was typically reserved for sites processing credit card payments or storing customer data is now becoming mandatory for everyone. Overkill? Maybe, but I for one welcome our Google overlords’ decision in forcing online security forward.

If all of the above is too technical for you, please allow my muppet self, who is much more entertaining than I, take a shot at explaining:



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To put it simply, Google’s main job is to provide quality referrals for their customers. When you perform a search on Google—let’s take “General Contractor” as an example—you are relying on Google to provide you with the best possible options for your contracting project. If you were repeatedly jilted by contractors provided by the top search results given by Google you likely would not utilize Google as much, and look for other search engine options.

Compare your feelings of the contracts on Google General Contractors vs. those found on Craigslist and you’ll get my point.

So how does Google plan on finding the most reputable companies to refer to their searchers to make sure they don’t get screwed? After all, all they have to rely on is a website which boils down to a bunch of 1’s and 0’s…. or do they?

Google is evolving quickly; the days of simply organizing data based on just 1’s and 0’s is long gone. Think of Google Search evolving into having more of a human touch, eventually becoming the equivalent of that “go-to guy” friend of yours who seemingly “has a guy” for everything.

So, how do you leverage this evolution of technology to get the most out Google for your business? We frequently offer our clients the “Not So Safe For Work” advice from Boiler Room – ACT AS IF:

In the clip Ben Affleck offers his testosterone-fueled, sage-like wisdom to his sales staff: act bigger than you really are, and how you want to be perceived.

To relate this to the SEO world without touching a line of code:

Act as if your business and correlating website were as large as Apple, or Nike. What do these websites do that you can accomplish without having billions in sales?
Typically, a large, respectable, reliable business that is appealing to Google offers the following:

  • Slow, steady, growth of the website and it’s content—big businesses don’t just plop out their big informative website and let it sit for its 2–3 year lifespan. Businesses with lots of sales change and evolve with the times. It’s a sign of healthy growth.
  • Reviews! And lots of them.
  • Contributes Content – A respectable, reliable business creates content or, even better, provide thought leadership for their industry.
  • Social Media – Not many shady business owners would be available on public forums such as Facebook & Twitter. You’re not one of those; you run a world-class business. Be there!
  • Social Signals – Don’t just create a monologue on social media and your blog. It needs to be relevant, likable, and shareable by your audience. Likes, comments, and clicks on your content count!
  • Privacy Policy – Sure, you may not truly know what they say or what they are for… but the big guys all have them, and Google actually likes websites who protect their visitors.
  • Dress The Part – As Ben Affleck says “We have kind of a minimum level of aesthetic professionalism here that we have to maintain.” Google has repeatedly mentioned that they are placing huge emphasis on user experience. There is no factor that plays more of a role on user experience than overall design and interface. You better look good!
  • The latest coding ethics—similar to the above, but on the techy, nerdy side. Cutting edge companies have cutting edge websites.

The list goes on and on. Visit your favorite big brand websites and ask yourself how would I “act as if” I became a direct competitor in sales volume with this company. Great SEO is a long-term game, and putting yourself in the mindset of a world-class website owner is a great way to set yourself up for long-term search success.

The top brands of the world all have 7 things in common…

#1 is: An Origin Story

All beliefs have an origin. And we all want our clients to believe in us. How we originated fulfills the primal human desire to understand how we all came to be.

The best brands in the world know this. Do you?

Whether you know the full story or not, most people can muster up some details about how Steve Jobs and Woz started off in their garage before becoming one of the highest valued companies in the world. Google and Facebook were started by roommates in a dorm room at a college.

Your creation story is a crucial first step in providing answers to why people should care about you.


It’s often the first question we ask someone new, reflecting our primal need to identify and classify. Without that information, we find it hard to connect. The same is true of your brand. A creation story is not a strategy, it is the way you tell your audience who you are, and more importantly, WHY you are. It is the first step toward developing emotional engagement and customer loyalty. Put succinctly, origin is the foundation of trust. Without it, you cannot form a relationship, with a person, or a product.


james_gandolfini2-238x300This week it is our pleasure to present a great blog from one of co-conspirators Jack Signorelli of Soundview Advice. Jack plays an integral part in helping build the back end side of things here at GB, but also has a great mind for marketing. Here is his take on the unfortunate death of James Gandolfini.

James Gandolfini passed away suddenly last week at only 51 years of age. Known mostly for his role as Tony Soprano, while tragic, isn’t the public reaction to his death interesting?

Why is it that an actor can command such attention and adulation for playing a role they didn’t create or write? The Governor showing up at his funeral mass? All of the flags in NJ at half staff? Why?

Here are some of my observations:


  • Lesson #1: Video is so powerful that people who have never met you will think they know you.
  • Lesson #2: Video connects with people emotionally.
  • Lesson #3: Video portrays a “trust factor” that the written word can’t match.
  • Lesson #4: Video can even create the feeling of “Love”!

As Business Owners how can we use this knowledge to our benefit? If your new business clients come mostly from referrals than you know that a referral is simply a recommendation from a trusted source. That most of your prospects become clients only after they have met you, looked into your face, and shaken your hand. If you’re like most of us you only have time to do that, at most, just a few times a day.

Studies show that within 15 seconds of meeting someone we decide if we are going to do business with them. Since the beginning of time we have relied on our vision to assess situations. Risk, friend or foe, fight or flight. Why should we expect marketing to be any different?

But what if you could create an “electronic handshake”? Think about the power of a vision. If you could create a video that was seen by your prospects many more times a day. A video that touches people emotionally, creating trust, just like a referral, how many more clients would you have? Then add video testimonials!

If you sell by developing trust then get all that verbiage out of your marketing. Newsflash: No one reads it! Look to photo’s and video to brand yourself as a trusted source and watch your marketing $ start to give you a real ROI!

jack Jack Signorelli is a Certified Business Coach. His career spanned 27 years in Corporate America with companies like Xerox, Wang, and culminating as VP of Sales and then President of Konica Office Products, (now Konica Minolta), an $Billion International Fortune 200 manufacturer and distributer of office products and services with more than 1200 employees. Jack retired at age 50 and now owns two businesses. He has been providing practical advice to business leaders and companies, in all industry segments, throughout the U.S.. Visit Soundview Advice at

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