Case Studies

Challenger Brand

The Challenge

Grow a small, local distillery into a nationally recognized brand.
In a vertical with over 17,000 new SKUs entering the market every single year, we were tasked with creating a blue ocean marketing strategy in an environment rife with sharks.

Our approach

We decommoditized™ the brand by increasing the approachability of the products. To become competitive with the industry leaders, we pro-actively created and disseminated “viral-friendly” social media collateral on a regular basis to engage audiences and have them share our content organically, exponentially growing our reach without impacting our marketing spend.

The Result

We focused on the development of a brand mascot, Serena the “Montauk Mermaid” as the centerpiece of our ad campaign which also helped develop the “lifestyle” and spirit of the brand. Within the first month of the campaign launch we have seen an increase of over 6000% in social media awareness, engagement and following. We also boasted the highest month of online sales in the 13 year history of the brand. The future is certainly bright for this challenger brand.

Challenger Brand

The Challenge

Create a niche, fraud-free challenger to industry-leading donation platform Gofundme.

Our Approach

The leader in the sector is synonymous with crowdsourced fundraising, however fraud is also present on their platform, taking valuable dollars and attention away from those in need. We created a challenger to that brand serving the First Responder community, and utilized a partnership with an online verification technology to eliminate fraud.

The Result

Within the first two years of its launch, this challenger has helped raise over $10m for families in need. Through our pro-active approach to site management, including a steady stream of tech and feature updates, we are not only challenging the industry, but creating a new industry standard for fraud-free, crowdsourced donations.

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