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The top brands of the world all have 7 things in common…

#1 is: An Origin Story

All beliefs have an origin. And we all want our clients to believe in us. How we originated fulfills the primal human desire to understand how we all came to be.

The best brands in the world know this. Do you?

Whether you know the full story or not, most people can muster up some details about how Steve Jobs and Woz started off in their garage before becoming one of the highest valued companies in the world. Google and Facebook were started by roommates in a dorm room at a college.

Your creation story is a crucial first step in providing answers to why people should care about you.


It’s often the first question we ask someone new, reflecting our primal need to identify and classify. Without that information, we find it hard to connect. The same is true of your brand. A creation story is not a strategy, it is the way you tell your audience who you are, and more importantly, WHY you are. It is the first step toward developing emotional engagement and customer loyalty. Put succinctly, origin is the foundation of trust. Without it, you cannot form a relationship, with a person, or a product.


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