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Action Is the Antidote to Despair. – Joan Baez

“Enrollments are down both at institutions that are opening up their campuses and those that are keeping most students off campus” says an August “Higher Ed” article. No doubt, these are discouraging times for higher education recruitment. Often, the response of the herd is one of analysis paralysis. People become

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Colleges Woo Students With Bargain Tuition Rates

This year summer melt—a phenomenon where prospective college students’ motivation to attend college ‘melts’ away during the summer—has become even more of a wild card than in any year previous. Will students opt to go to a local community college, choose a gap year, or enter the workforce? Facing this

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Will Your Students Be Returning in the Fall?

According to a May 26, 2020 “Inside Higher Ed” article, there was a series of surveys asking students and parents about the 2020 fall semester. The result of these surveys: students want a fall semester as close as possible to last fall’s. They may transfer if they don’t get it.

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