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We hope you chose “True”.

That fact is that every student will eventually be able to find an institution of higher education that will accept them. The question is, will that institution be yours? Will the revenue they create add to your bottom line or your competitors’?

 Just like the present suburban real estate market, the present college market is a buyer’s market. Students are beginning to understand that. There are more and more companies popping up that will both teach them the new lay of the land, as well as negotiate with colleges on their behalf! Considering that most schools are deploying at least a partial online curriculum, today’s students have options, lots and lots of options. They do not have to stay in a geographically comfortable distance. You are now competing for their tuition dollars with every college and university on the planet. Yes, not just in the country, but on the planet!

How are you going to do that? What strategies will you deploy to get them to see your institution first, before they engage with your competitors? What strategy do you have in your marketing arsenal that will reach them before they click on a PPC ad from your competitors?  Lists created by SAT/ACT? Not only does everyone utilize them, but more and more schools are not requiring them, so the lists are shrinking. Add in that many students cannot even take the tests due to COVID, not only is the number of available names vastly diminished, but also the competition for them is now more intense than ever. If you converted 1% of your list that number now goes from 1000 to 100 or fewer.

What about campus visits? Unfortunately, with quarantines increasing and more states and cities shutting down zip codes students are not expected to be traveling to see you anytime soon. 

COVID, in addition, has shrunk the number of applicants who are instead delaying their college plans, taking gap years, focusing on local schools, or entering the workforce to help their families. Statistically, these prospects may never even enroll in college after such a delay.

Sounds bleak? It most certainly is. But there’s more.

How about the impending enrollment cliff of 2026? We were already looking at a steep decline in applicants due to the economic conditions in 2008. It is widely believed that there needs to be an influx of first time college students to prop up the applicant numbers. How will they know that you exist before they engage with your competitors?

The key to success is to reach out and let these students know about your institution before they even know they should be looking for you. While direct mail has been used in the past, it is costly and throws a tremendously wide net. This net increases your spend by sending information to individuals who aren’t interested in becoming your students, while dismissing those who are your hyper-target audience, and therefore your very best prospects.

GB has multiple strategies for hyper-targeting your institution’s absolutely ideal candidates.  This means that you have virtually zero wasted dollars in sending information to students who would never attend your institution.

One of these strategies gets you in front of your hyper targeted audience over 45 times a month for just .94! That’s less than three cents per view! Imagine your ideal candidate seeing your ad with a strong call to action 45 times in a month. Strategies like these are 50% less than the traditional cost of acquiring a student.

Generations Beyond knows exactly how to bring you the students you need for your campus. 

All that it takes to find out how to survive and thrive in this new frontier of higher education is to contact us for more information today.

An Inside Higher Ed article states that“…developing a brand is about differentiating from your category…”. You read that correctly. The NACAC recruitment rule changes of 2019 underscore the fact that your college is a brand. That may be difficult to hear based upon the non-commercialized image Higher Ed has historically projected to its potential students. (Actually, let me remain consistent and call them who they are. They are your customers and they will spend a lot, if not most, of their financial resources for your product. In fact, they are willing to go into deep debt for many years to pay for your product! Besides a home, what other product can claim such notoriety?!)

With the combination of COVID-19 and the new Executive Order threatening schools who focus on diversifying their student community, your 2021 recruitment challenge just went directly to Selectivity Level 1 Most Competitive. Not only are you competing with other Higher Education institutions (oops, brands!), you’re also facing dwindling candidate numbers, the impending Enrollment Cliff of 2026, and budget and funding costs; this gives you the perfect storm that some school brands very sadly will not weather.

No matter how you twist it, the outlook is bleak.

The fact is, your brand is selling a product (knowledge and a degree) obtained through a service (education), albeit an altruistic and admirable one, but nonetheless, a service. Your ability (or inability) to attract your customers will insure that your brand has a long and successful life. 

So how exactly do you go about building your brand?

Founded in 1999, Generations Beyond is a highly experienced branding company. Generations Beyond has created a unique, comprehensive, and integrated strategy to hyper-target absolutely ideal customers. We have a unique solution which funnels you the very best candidates while simultaneously dropping your CPA by up to 50% from the cost you are currently paying to acquire these students.

One leg of the strategy gets you in front of your hyper-targeted audience over 45 times a month for just .94! That’s less than three cents per view! Imagine your ideal candidate seeing your ad with a strong call to action 45 times in a month.  

All it takes to find out how to survive and thrive in this new frontier of higher education is to click here to book your appointment today for a brief 15 minute call.

According to a June 8, 2020 “Inside Higher Ed” article, surveys of potential college students have suggested that as many as 20 percent of college freshmen aren’t going to their original first-choice college. Some will stay home and go to a community college. Others will enroll closer to home.

Others won’t go to college at all.

Do you know where you’ll find the students you need to meet your enrollment goals for next semester?  This uncertain time has had enrollment rates hanging in the balance. With the fall semester in full swing the challenges presented are particularly acute.

Generations Beyond’s cutting edge ReCover technology effortlessly tracks your website “phantoms” i.e., website visitors who are showing interest in your institution, but do not leave you their contact information.  

With so many students modifying their plans, the ability for your organization to track and utilize this information to increase yield is invaluable.

To learn more, simply book a brief 15 minute call with us.

With everyone still staying at home to flatten the curve the desire to go outside is becoming increasingly overwhelming. With public transportation being risky and flights out of the question, everyone is wondering: how can I get free?

This mentality is what is encouraging a Gap Year for students. A Gap Year is when a student decides to take off from school for a year with a vague assumption that they will return in the following year. There has been a 380% jump in searches compared to July of last year.

So how can we stop students from moving closer to obtaining that Gap Year? Introducing ReRoute. ReRoute, Generations Beyond’s cutting-edge recruitment technology,will locate your ideal students of diversity for pennies on your marketing dollars, lowering your cost per click and thus your cost per acquisition. 

With our emphasis on higher education, we utilize a hyper-focused premarket connection with your target audience combining the power of cutting edge IP and physical address crosshair technology to populate higher personalized digital ad marketing. Once we’ve identified your audience we utilize our honing technology to ReCover anyone who visited your website but didn’t stay by sending them a direct mailer. By going beyond simply optimizing your keywords, we apply the newest marketing strategies, tools, and technologies to drastically lower your marketing costs.

We can help you get your students back. If you are interested please book a brief 15 minute consultation with us.

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