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True or False? You Need New Students More Than They Need You?

We hope you chose “True”. That fact is that every student will eventually be able to find an institution of higher education that will accept them. The question is, will... read more »

Your 2021 Recruitment Challenge Just Went Directly to Selectivity Level 1 Most Competitive

An Inside Higher Ed article states that“…developing a brand is about differentiating from your category…”. You read that correctly. The NACAC recruitment rule changes of 2019 underscore the fact that... read more »

If Students Don’t Go to Their First Choice College, What Then?

According to a June 8, 2020 “Inside Higher Ed” article, surveys of potential college students have suggested that as many as 20 percent of college freshmen aren't going to their... read more »

What Is a Gap Year and How Will It Affect This Year’s Enrollment Rate?

With everyone still staying at home to flatten the curve the desire to go outside is becoming increasingly overwhelming. With public transportation being risky and flights out of the question,... read more »

A New Policy Inbound; How Is It Going to Affect Your Enrollment Rate?

College admittance is hard enough; and now a new policy will block international students from coming to the United States if courses are being taught entirely online. The reality of... read more »
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