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There are a lot of choices out there for hosting your website and email. As a courtesy to our clients, Generations Beyond offers a high-level hosting solution for your business, that allows you simple and reliable communication with your clients, and 99.9% uptime for your website. Need another reason?

When you use Generations Beyond as your hosting provider, you'll get all this too:

Eliminate Other Companies: Having all of your website files handled by the same individuals handling your hosting only streamlines the process. In other scenarios if a problem arises we would likely have to place a call to a 3rd party support team, wait on hold, and explain our issue with someone who has likely never even seen your website. All of this is possibly billable time depending on the nature of the issue.

Ease Of Management: Having all of your services with one company makes contact management, administrative, billing, etc. much more manageable. If something is needed, such as a new email inbox created, you know who to call.

Cost-Effective & Fast: Through our current volume, Generations Beyond can offer a very powerful platform at very cost-effective prices. While other solutions may seem cheaper, simple benefits such as unlimited email inboxes can be created immediately while other companies (GoDaddy) charge per inbox and may take 24 hours or longer to setup. Customizable spam & virus protection, live visitor stats, and more round out this feature-rich solution.

Courtesy: In the long-run efficiency saves everyone time and money. Due to the fact that your files are hosted within an environment we are familiar with, many times, simple changes that require 1/4 hour of labor or less are handled free of charge as a courtesy to our hosting clients.

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