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What We Do

Never make a choice between form or function. On today’s web you need both and at GB, you get both. The web is more relevant than ever and users demand a seamless experience. With the incredible number of devices that can access the web it’s no wonder that many businesses struggle to stay on the cutting edge of web technology and design. We solve that by creating beautiful, cross-platform websites that have your business’ marketing goals at its core.

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Influence Marketing has become the most powerful form of marketing in our social media-dominated world. We help brands find the right influencers to endorse and promote their products in ways that build customer trust faster than any other form of marketing. Not only do we create harmonious unions between brands and influencers, but we also represent influencers who are looking to increase their following, book appearances, and endorse products or services that align with their audience.

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Branding is much more than a logo design; it’s a story that connects a business to its customers and creates a trust that no 30-second sales pitch can replace. At GB, we understand that research, strategy, and consistency are the paramount components of any brand design.

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Social media is no longer an option for businesses to have—it’s imperative. Customers expect to be able to find and engage with you on a variety of platforms. Some businesses may view this as an extra chore, but we view it as an opportunity to foster customer relationships and create new ones. The directions one could take on social media are endless, but GB will work with you to create a plan that creates meaningful online connections with your audience.

The most common question our clients ask is “How do I become number 1 on Google?” There simply is no direct answer. Search Engine marketing remains a multi-faceted business challenge that requires a managed and optimized campaign to be successful. GB has several Google certified marketing team members on staff that understand how to position your website for top visibility.

Video production is often an outsourced service by many agencies that don’t have the right equipment, but we love producing high-quality video content for our clients. Video is the quickest way to introduce yourself and demonstrate your products and services to the world. Youtube is considered to be the second most powerful search engine behind Google, making video content the most ideal form of content marketing.

The most beneficial aspect of digital marketing is the ability to track what works and what doesn’t. Using various techniques we can determine which landing pages, ads, taglines, colors, and even fonts are yielding higher customer conversions. Analytics help us calibrate marketing campaigns so that you get the highest return on investment for every dollar spent.

Google pay-per-click ads, sponsored Facebook posts, and print advertisements can get overwhelming. GB knows how to prioritize your marketing budget when it comes to buying media placement to help maximize exposure.


We’re rolling out some new standard website features that make your website beyond just a regular website. Here are some of the cool new features that GB-Bot will provides: