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Our People

Jesse Wroblewski
Founder & President
Proprietor of the Chocolate Factory, Jesse founded Generations Beyond in 1999 while working out of his mom's basement. In addition to a love for digital marketing, he wields black belts in both martial arts and Photoshop. His ultimate corporate related goal is to surpass the managerial level of competency of Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka. His personal goal is to maintain pristinely white furniture, outdoors, in New York. Some would say this is an impossibility, but Jesse dares to dream.
Brendan Bailey
Vice President & Creative Director
After Brendan gets home from a long day of creating cutting-edge digital design of all facets, he likes to kick back and create cutting edge digital design for fun. Notably, his own virtual pinball machine, "Junkyard Cats" features design, programming, characters, voiceover and music all completely original to Brendan's creative mind. Brendan is also an Eagle Scout, so you know he's always prepared.
Jo-Anne Giuliani
Director of Operations
Always working with a smile (and probably a giggle or two) is how Jo-Anne rolls. She uses her organizational powers and 20+ years of Marketing experience to make sure your project gets done correctly and on time. An avid reader, Jo-Anne always has a book in hand and loves the works of Stephen King's son, Joe Hill (OMG, so scary!). Other interests include playing anything Super Mario Bros., Lord of the Rings and most recently, Doctor Who.
Florence Ivy
Copy Writer & Photographer
When not wrangling reptiles, Florence creates content for our clients with her writing and photography talents. Author of two published short story collections, available on Amazon and the iBook store, and contributor to a collection released in fall of 2013, Florence has also had her photography published and her coverage of the Kong Off 2011 went viral, surprising only those who were unaware that such an event even exists.
Harry Scheiner
Lead Front End Developer
Not only is Harry the lead programmer for Generations Beyond, but he's also GB's Plumber, Electrician, and Repairman! When he finds some free time, he likes gluing toys together (think Sid from Toy Story but nicer). His creations are proudly displayed in the office and enjoyed by all the girls and boys. Town parks and beaches are not the places you'll find Harry because he is most comfortable indoors.
Justin Savello
Graphic Designer (The Boy)
Justin is friends with the son of Brendan's preschool teacher, that's how he got the job of graphic designer at Generations Beyond (although, his clean design portfolio sealed the deal). He likes eating food, sleeping (despite his inability to do so), and making everyone laugh. Justin can be found singing "I Will Always Love You" throughout the office and crying in the bathroom.
Ashley Orlando
Quality Assurance Representative
Ashley Orlando is 30% Coffee, 10% Markiplier, 10% Cheerios, and 50% Blood and Guts. She also makes sure our content is 100% error-free! When she's not spotting for mistakes, she can be found refilling our soap dispenser or listening to NateWantstoBattle.
Corey Adams
Lights, camera, COREY! When Corey isn't shooting our clients (don't worry, he's doing it with a video camera!) he's doing all sorts of things that the rest of the staff at Generations Beyond have trouble comprehending. Strange things, like participating in team sports and going to something he calls "parties".
Luis "He" Cardoso
Luis is a very attractive programmer at Generations Beyond. The only thing he likes more than creating awesome websites is Moe's Southwest Grill. He enjoys keeping the office up-to-date on the latest memes, and playing video games in his downtime. Some of his favorite games growing up were SNES classics like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and Mario Kart. His favorite song is Breakfast at Tiffany's, but he'd rather have Dinner at Moe's.
Miriam DeLaRosa
Head of Accounting
A former stay-at-home-mom of a son and a daughter for 6 years, Miriam decided to return to her bookkeeping career in 2016 at an Aerospace company. After it closed down in August, she decided to join Team Adult at Generations Beyond, where she helps the other adults with things like Math. In her spare time, she enjoys walking, running and bike riding. Miriam is the outstanding champion of getting 5th place in our weekly Guess Who Tournaments (and displays it proudly).
Chet Cienkowski
Marketing Specialist
Born a mild mannered kid from the suburbs of Long Island, Chet evolved to become a mild mannered adult (with a beard and everything!) who now resides in a different suburb of Long Island. Even amongst the whirlwind of changes in his life Chet was able to learn the intricacies of marketing and loves the challenge of adapting strategies for a variety of clients. "Good Buddy" Chet is also environmentally friendly and in charge of the GB recycling bin.
Kaitlyn Muhlenforth
Digital Marketing Specialist
Kaitlyn loves puppies of all shapes and sizes. When she isn't petting a dog, she's keeping our clients happy by crushing their SEO and social media accounts. Kaitlyn can be spotted at the gym, watching sports, or playing with puppies. Did we mention she likes puppies?
Allison Bubka
Project Manager
The office optimist, Allison is always at peak performance in both her professional and personal life. She excels at staying well-informed on projects, and her natural enthusiasm for a customer relationship keeps our clients happy. In her free time she enjoys NHRA drag racing her 1955 Chevy.
Nick Ambrosino
Director of Asset Development (DAD)
As our Director of Asset Development Nick Ambrosino helps develop not only Generations Beyond's most precious assets (our people) but your team as well. Nick also brings a level of accountability and procedures to develop sales teams to become systematized. His overall goal is creating "Business CPR" (tm) leaving his clients with a business that is consistent, predictable and repeatable.
Jeff Mead
Senior Account Executive
As a native of the East End, Jeff has over 30 years of experience founding and building companies, partnerships and businesses. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he spent 27 years in the Boston area as President and CEO of two publishing firms and one educational technology company. After raising two children and coaching thousands of kids in youth baseball and softball, he decided it was time to return home to New York to be closer to extended family. He is excited to bring his entrepreneurial history and experience in the edtech and student recruitment spaces to Generations Beyond with the goal to help schools and students create mutual opportunities.
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Yes, We're Open!

While we are all facing truly uncertain times, Generations Beyond has adapted quickly to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our team is diligently working full time from home to make sure that your website projects and digital marketing efforts stay on track during this challenging time. Please watch the video below for a message from our founder:

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