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Our Culture

We work hard, we play hard. We converse with each other almost entirely through movie quotes. Some call it "weird" we call it being cultured. Get to know the inner workings of the creative minds within the walls of Generations Beyond. What are we up to? What are we listening to? What are we eating? (FYI it's almost always candy or Aegean's Pizza.)

Geeky Headlines


Jesse "Toy-Creator" Wroblewski is not only a fan of toys—as his nickname certainly implies—but he is also quite the video game addict.


Florence Ivy's post kill screen celebration photo of Steve Wiebe has gone viral and links to her flickr feed are being embedded on every nerdy message board there is!

Stuff We Like

We love video games, but a game that never truly ends is a game that keeps you coming back for more. Pinball is the game of choice during breaktimes at GB. If you hear thwacking and kicking while on the phone with us, it's probably someone just getting into "the zone" (that special place where the ball goes where you want it to for a while).


The number one most asked question at Generations Beyond is: "How do you guys get any work done around here?" The number two question is: "What are those little 2 eared critters all over your office?" They're Dunnies, and they're awesome.


You never know what animals will be the latest talk of the office; but, chances are, it will be some sort of methodical lizard. Chameleons, bearded dragons, and geckos come and go, but some stay for a while to read dirty jokes.

We also have a frog, but he's an amphibian. He's a good frog.

Billy Mitchell
Billy Mitchell*

OK, we admit it: we're obsessed with Billy Mitchell. The real-life, catch phrase spouting, majestic mullet-headed villain from the documentary The King of Kong.

* at least one team member does not like Billy Mitchell.

Pop Art Prints
Pop Art Prints

Sheperd Fairey, Alex Pardee, Todd Slater, Tom Whalen...

The list of our favorite Mondo & G1988 pop artists goes on. Everywhere you turn at GB Headquarters you'll be greeted with another piece from the art collection. It's the lesser of several expensive hobbies the team has...

The Bizarros
The Bizarros

Actually, we hate the Bizarros.


There are two choices when it comes to lunch at GB:

Pizza or not pizza.

When asked what their favorite part about pizza is, the GB staff unanimously responded "probably the cheese, dough, & sauce."

Ice Cold Beer
Ice Cold Beer (Non-Drinkable Version)

Given the choice between consuming alcohol or playing this game, this game wins 100% of the time. Ice Cold Beer is an incredibly simple, yet genius, arcade game created by Taito in 1983. We spent a whole year tracking one down for our office gameroom and yes, you can play it right after your free website consultation!

People Who Like Us
Steve Wiebe
Steve Wiebe (It's Pronounced 'Wee-Bee')

Florence's famous photo of Steve Wieve's post-kill screen celebration at the Kong Off put us on the Team Wiebe VIP list. Steve rocks and is welcome to come destroy our Donkey Kong machine whenever he'd like.


We're big in Australia. Not for any particular reason—we just are. You know how David Hasselhoff is big in Germany? It's kind of like that.