The creation of

The creation of HAIGuard was a unique branding challenge. Follow along as we detail the obstacles, strategies, and results we achieved during this project.

The challenge

As industry leaders in reducing hospital acquired infections (HAI) via their multitude of curtain product innovations and sterilization services, Curtain Care wanted to capitalize on other verticals within existing HC systems. However, they were perceived as curtain specialists, neglecting their other services & products.

The Solution

Reposition and rebrand the parent company while evolving existing logos to create a cohesive relationship between business divisions.


The existing brands were too specific to be redesigned on their own. A new name and brand would need to be created.

The exisiting brands were all recognizable within their respective markets. These brands could not be eliminated, but instead needed to evolve.

Our process

Competitor/Industry Analysis

What can we learn from competitor success? How can we be different?

Name Creation

We brainstorm and develop new names for the brand through various techniques.

Logo Design & Brand Evolution

We design concepts for the new brand based on our newly discovered names.

Name Creation

We create “Mind Maps” to help discover relevant terms and word fragments to aid in name creation.




Brand design candidates

The following slides showcase some of the name and design concepts we created during the branding process. Ultimately, HAIGuard was chosen due to the recognizable nature of the HAI acronym (Hospital Acquired Infection) within the medical field.

Brand Evolution

Due to one of the key obstacles being the recognition of the existing brand names, it was imperative that the old logos be evolved to visually unify with the new HAIGuard Logo. We accomplished this by employing font and color consistency as well as a simplification of each design while retaining their original essence. 

Unified Brand relationship

To further unify all 4 logos, the letter A features a consistent reverse triangle throughout:

The Results

A new brand and website allowed Curtain Care to become more widely recognized as a leader in reducing HAI via their multitude of expertise and innovations outside of just curtains. This has opened the doors within existing systems to new verticals who were unaware they were already doing business with HAI reduction experts.

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