Here are some things I love, in order:

  • Horror Movies
  • Pizza
  • New Zealand Accents
  • Viral Video Marketing

Somehow, someway, they all got drunk, had some freaky orgy and gave birth to a new “Choose Your Own Adventure” style viral campaign from Hell Pizza, a franchise eatery in New Zealand. An easy win for our Video Marketer of The Month for August 2010:


Like any good viral campaign this one draws you in and allows you to interact with the brand. At first I was hesitant to take on the seemingly long task (more than 60 seconds in the youtube time/space continuum) of going through the entire adventure, but the high production value, great fx and comedic moments (I don’t know why but it kills me every time a New Zealander calls someone a dick) had me stuck to my desk chair until the end.

I had to jump in early on this one, the only accolades I could find at the moment were 100,000+ hits within 4 days and a Video Professionals award but Im sure many more are to follow suit. Add “Avoid Ego Media’s” Video Marketer Of The Month to the list if it makes you feel any better… and if you can find some time away from all the new customer traffic you must be mustering!


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I often get to do marketing work with a National Hockey franchise. While the crazy “need-it-now” deadlines during the season do make the job a lot less fun than it sounds there is an upside. Now that the hockey season is over, we all get a moment to take a breath and propose larger than life marketing projects for the upcoming season.

I have to say the holy grail in this area goes to this amazing, multimedia campaign for the Philadelphia Flyers. Canadian based sports marketing company Channel 1 Media has sure set the bar high in this area. Don’t believe me? Just check this out: (by the way it’s ok to put in your real cellphone #, not only do you need it to complete the experience, but I’ve done it about 100 times now and I have not been spammed)



Working in the industry I can not only appreciate the overall presentation but am also amazed at all the internal elements that had to be aligned to pull something like this off. No small feat indeed. So kick back and participate in this campaign and start brainstorming on how you can take your viral marketing from just the internet onto other devices for a more memorable and more impactful experience.


P.S. – Notice the WAWA banner ad, I guess your marketing is pretty good when you can actually charge other companies to marketing on top of your campaign.



The Flyers Viral Experience

Channel 1 Media

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