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Action Is the Antidote to Despair. - Joan Baez

“Enrollments are down both at institutions that are opening up their campuses and those that are keeping most students off campus” says an August “Higher Ed” article.

No doubt, these are discouraging times for higher education recruitment. Often, the response of the herd is one of analysis paralysis. People become afraid to take deliberate, calculated action. 

Those, however, who create a plan and execute that plan are rewarded. Let Generations Beyond assist you in creating and executing a plan that will ensure the longevity of your institution.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help book a brief 15 minute call with us and we’ll show you how you can spend less, get better quality students, and ensure your institution’s position in higher education for years to come.

You’ve Got to Be Very Careful if You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, Because You Might Not Get There. – Yogi Berra

“Amid fears of low fall enrollment and widespread disruption to students’ academic progress, colleges are getting creative with ways to engage with students,” says a July 16, 2020 Inside Higher Ed article.

Question: Your website is the gateway to prospective students. What is your best marketing strategy to drive your highest quality candidates to the site, engage with them, and capture their information for subsequent outreach efforts?

  1. Reallocate travel expenses into an increased student acquisition budget?

  • Hyper-target your prime candidates utilizing cutting-edge marketing technology?

  • Invest your recruitment spend in a high ROI platform that reaches your prime candidates for just $.026 per view?

  • All of the above?

ReRoute, Generations Beyond’s cutting-edge recruitment technology is the optimal, comprehensive marketing strategy to help you find your ideal students as well as help them find you. It does everything above, and much more.
To find out how we can influence your next semester’s yield, contact us today for a 15 minute call that can improve your yield now and going forward.

Colleges Woo Students With Bargain Tuition Rates

This year summer melt—a phenomenon where prospective college students’ motivation to attend college ‘melts’ away during the summer—has become even more of a wild card than in any year previous. Will students opt to go to a local community college, choose a gap year, or enter the workforce? Facing this myriad of issues means that your institution’s future will undoubtedly be determined by how well you stay connected to your potential student body.

Generations Beyond’s ReCover strategy gives you a competitive advantage by connecting you to the “hand raisers”, or students who are looking at your school but who did not share their information with you on your website. The fact is that in today’s volatile environment any and all connections you can make to a potential student are absolutely essential.

If you’re interested in getting started simply book a brief 15 minute call with us.

Will Your Students Be Returning in the Fall?

According to a May 26, 2020 “Inside Higher Ed” article, there was a series of surveys asking students and parents about the 2020 fall semester. The result of these surveys: students want a fall semester as close as possible to last fall's. They may transfer if they don't get it.

To give you a competitive advantage identifying these invaluable prospects, Generations Beyond recommends taking advantage of our cutting-edge ReCover technology. ReCover effortlessly tracks the website “phantoms”— those who show interest in your institution but don’t leave you their contact information. 

With so many students modifying their summer/fall plans the ability for your organization to track and utilize this information to increase yield is invaluable. To learn more simply book a brief 15 minute call with us.

Generations Beyond To Acquire b.creative

Generations Beyond, a Long Island, NY based digital marketing firm has recently made a deal to acquire b.creative, another New York based digital marketing and social media firm.

In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, everyone is always looking for an edge up on the competition, and Generations Beyond believes they’ve found one in b.creative. b.creative is a social media marketing powerhouse based out of New York City. Led by co-founders Jayson Siano and Gina Baxter, b.creative will be taking over the social media side of Generations Beyond, leaving the GB team more time to handle their ever-growing digital marketing roster.

“For years now Jayson Siano has been the one to watch on social. Having him as a part of team GB is a dream come true,” says Jesse Wroblewski, owner of digital marketing firm Generations Beyond.

The new partnership will benefit both firms, who have worked together for years. “b.creative has developed a really strong foothold in the social media world and we’ve tackled everything else there is in digital marketing. To us, the pairing is just the next step to becoming a marketing superpower,” says Wroblewski.

Generations Beyond is pleased to be able to improve their clients’ marketing experience with the expertise in social media that the b.creative team brings to the table, while the b.creative team is very excited to have the ability to offer their clients many other best-in-class services that Generations Beyond will provide.

“Our business has increased significantly post-Coronavirus because people and companies understand how important it is to capture attention when you can no longer do business in person. Branding and digital media are more important now than ever and the timing of this partnership could not be better,” says Siano.

For additional information about Generations Beyond, please contact us.

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