Having taken the last few months of 2010 off from blogging about those who are using the medium truly creatively it took something very special to make me exclaim “THIS IS GENIUS” out loud from behind my monitor and get back on the blogging horse. I overexcitedly present to you “Your Mom Hates This“, now THIS is genius!

Your Mom Hates This is a viral campaign for upcoming horror shooter Dead Space 2 from Electronic Arts (which I will no doubt now be purchasing on launch day). It’s funny, scary, viral and couldn’t be more on target for the demographic.

On my personal social feeds it seems everyone is already flocking to this genius campaign, both gamers and non-gamers alike. With the exception of this 1 person who apparently doesn’t “get it” EA looks to have a major hit on their hands:

Well deserved!

Anyway, be sure to check out for all the videos as well as a contest to submit your own mom reactions.


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