One of the best things about having been in the marketing industry for so long is that I get so much hands on experience through viewing other people’s marketing campaigns, that I’ve gotten to the point where I’m able to predict what a new product launch will cost, how much ROI a particular tactic will return or what can be expected from a certain strategy. One of the things that I, as a marketer can also bring to the table, besides industry experience, is customer experience. You see, being a small business owner and entrepenuer, I have plunked down my hard earned cash on marketing for certain endeavors of my own, much in the same way my clients do. I’ve done it all, from flyers and handouts to viral videos and television.

I’ve written books, produced a toyline, and dealt with the mass production process in Hong Kong, and all of these projects ultimately ended up with my needing to get the word out about each of these products. In most of these ventures that meant that somehow, I had to get the public’s attention on a shoestring budget. I’ve gone through an almost endless number of tactics to do so, and, short of skywriting, I like to think if it’s out there, marketing-wise, I’ve done it.

Now when a new marketing tool comes around I’m hard pressed not to give it a go. This is both to satisfy my entrenperial spirit, and because I also feel it’s my duty to our clients to have some first hand knowledge about every single angle there is to digitally market their brands. If I’m not willing to take the risk with my own capital, I’m not going to suggest that they risk theirs. So, when the financial figures from the App Store from Apple become impossible to ignore, Generations Beyond decided to jump in and see what it was all about.

It’s my goal with this series of blog postings to let you in as to what was involved in each step of the way to get our app released, updated, and eventually what brings it to it’s ultimate success. With that, I present to you Generations Beyond’s first app “I Got A Guy”.

I Got A Guy is an app that makes it easy to refer people you trust to others you trust. While I can certainly hop onto Facebook and post an update about needing a plumber. That would probably lead to me getting referred to some guy who’s a buddy of a buddy of mine that I went to high school with 20 years ago who I havent talked to since High School but for some reason is on my friends list. In short, might as well open the phone book and throw a dart. Think of “I Got A Guy” as your ultimate contact list, it’s social media with social integrity. It’s the people you know who get things done right, the list of people who you would refer to your own mother… and with the click of a button, now you can.

“I Got A Guy” started in August 2011 as a concept.

Total hours of labor to complete phase 1 of the build: 175 hours

Submitted to Apple: January 3rd, 2012

Approved by Apple: January 17th, 2012

Time to show up in app store after approval: 8 hours

Bug fixing and minor updates to version 1.1 in labor: 8 hours

Update #1 submitted to Apple: February 24, 2012

Update approved by Apple: March 1, 2012

In the coming weeks I’ll be sure to share any kind of additional analytics as we proceed on our marketing journey. For more information about the app please visit

If you already have it, please feel free to rate us or give us a review! We’d appreciate it!

Warning! You will probably wind up spending money before you complete reading this blog entry. (I did)


So much can be said about this incredible spot. I for one am inspired. For any small businesses or startups out there who think they can’t afford a video or commercial, this one features Dollar Shave Club’s CEO and Founder Michael Dubin. He wrote, shot and produced the entire commercial in his office/warehouse in one day. 90 seconds after watching, he got me signed up on a monthly plan.


Sure it’s funny, and sharable, but does it translate to profits? Well, Dollar Shave Club uploaded the video to youtube 4 days ago, since then they’ve garned over 2.5 million views and 30,000 likes on facebook. What would happen to your business with an extra 2.5 million eyeballs this week?

UPDATE – I was just notified that my new membership will not be able to be activated until May 15th. I guess things must really be buzzing around Dollar Shave Club’s offices. Congrats guys.