Generations Beyond is pleased to announce a new addition to its stellar marketing team, Tom “Tommy D” Rakoczy. Tom will serve as the head of the marketing department, coordinating both SEO and social media, and will also contribute to the creative aspects of GB’s marketing campaigns.

“It’s hard to overstate my excitement for the opportunity to work with Generations Beyond,” says Rakoczy. “From the commitment to excellence to the opportunity to do true creative marketing for the first time in my career. It’s a real team mentality here, second to none. GB gives me the opportunity to grow. Dealing with Jesse Wroblewski is a career dream come true, after years of collaborating and friendship, finally being able to work together professionally means the sky is the limit. It’s a great move forward for me personally.”

Rakoczy, who studied advertising and fine art at NYIT, formerly served as both the Director of Marketing and Creative Director for the New York Islanders. Additionally, he has earned accolades on the international stage, received recognition for the Best Integrated Sports Marketing Campaign, and numerous awards including BOLI and CTAM for creation, direction, and execution of marketing campaigns.

Generations Beyond’s owner and CEO, Jesse Wroblewski is also excited for the addition to his team. “There are 2 types of agencies: Talent Consumers and Talent Producers; Generations Beyond is definitely the latter. We take pride in developing young talent and producing marketing rockstars. However, when the opportunity to bring an actual marketing rockstar onboard arose we decided to treat ourselves a little bit and consume Tommy D“.

Rakoczy looks forward to a new way of doing business. “The culture at GB is a perfect fit for me. There’s a vitality here that is unmatched on the Long Island business scene. I’m looking to bring my knowledge, experience, and relationships here to GB to work with clients on Long Island and beyond.”

When not working in the marketing field, Rakoczy volunteers with the Babylon Historical Society where he has lived for 20 years. He’s also heavily involved with the Boy Scouts and youth hockey leagues, as well as serving as a member of the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway Preservation Society.

For more information, please contact Generations Beyond at 631.696.0324, email, or visit them on the web at

Generations Beyond is a full-service, boutique digital marketing agency serving the Long Island community and beyond for over 20 years.

Generations Beyond, a Long Island-based digital marketing firm, has formed a partnership with marketing tech pioneer Terminus, allowing a new way to market to person-specific targets within chosen companies.

Ronkonkoma, NY Monday, March 27, 2018 – Digital Marketing is the name of the game for Generations Beyond; while most campaigns aim to receive high visibility from a large number of people for certain campaigns, that just won’t do. To that end, Generations Beyond has partnered with Terminus—a leader in account-based marketing. Terminus allows clients to deliver different messaging and creative to each persona at specific target accounts, an invaluable solution for truly targeted marketing services.

“While digital marketing is an incredibly useful and cost-effective way to reach the masses, it aims for the widest possible audience within certain parameters. What’s so great about Terminus is that it does just the opposite. It offers a laser focus on a specific market, to the point where you only reach certain specific people. Using Terminus and their account-based marketing tools lets Generations Beyond focus our skills on selected individuals within selected companies across certain industries,” says Jesse Wroblewski, owner of digital marketing firm Generations Beyond.

The new partnership looks to create increased productivity for both Generations Beyond, and their clients, in a time that has already shown massive growth for the firm—including the hiring of 12 new employees.

Generations Beyond aims to open up new marketing opportunities for its clients through the utilization of new technology partners, such as Terminus, on an ongoing basis.

For additional information about Generations Beyond, or Terminus, please contact Generations Beyond.


Generations Beyond

Thanks to everyone who came out to help resurrect the Collector’s Kingdom! Our event was a monster success and a great time was had by all.
Special thanks to Fios News for covering the event. Here is a snippet for anyone who missed this epic night:


Fios 1 Video Clip

Before you hit the SEND button on your latest company email blast, ever wonder what the absolute best times are during the business day to do so? Have a great Facebook post to share and want to make sure it goes onto the social media networking platform during the time when statistically there is the absolute most engagement on the site?

Generations Beyond has done the research for you and created a handy, downloadable guide to keep by your side to show you what the absolute best times are for things such as updating your LinkedIn status, sharing photos on Instagram, even making cold calls! It’s totally free and available here:


We hope you find this social media scheduling guide useful. If you would like some additional help with your ongoing digital marketing give the marketing superheroes at Generations Beyond a call today! 631.696.0324 speak to you soon.



Bad Marketing Advice

I was cleaning out my garage and came across this plastic frog and it lead me to write this article regarding the single worst piece of marketing advice I’ve ever received.

I was once asked to give a marketing seminar to large group of attorneys in NYC. The gentleman speaking prior to my slot was also set to give his advice on marketing to the same audience. To my surprise, instead of a typical introduction by the moderator, the speaker chose to stand at the back of the room. He asked the moderator to instead play a theme song which built to a crescendo as he charged down the aisle, throwing plastic frogs all over the unsuspecting audience.

If you haven’t already come to this conclusion, the entire premise of his presentation was about how important it is to get people to take notice of your brand when marketing your business. He went on to drive his point home by announcing that obviously none of us in the room we’re going to forget this particular presentation. In a way, he was technically correct, however, in a much more important way, his presentation was a disaster.

This  idea of “standing out at all costs” is extremely common in marketing. I’ve heard it over and over again, often, sadly, from other marketing professionals.

Another incident I recall was very similar, though on a smaller scale. I was at a local networking event. When we went around the room giving our 60 second elevator pitches detailing who we were, and what we had to offer the group,  one woman, a fellow marketer, decided to stand on her chair and deliver her 60 second pitch. She closed with “everyone will remember the crazy lady who stood up on her chair… and that’s what marketing is, being memorable.”

This is WRONG!

While, yes, it is important for marketing to be memorable to be effective, it is just as important for effective marketers to take into consideration the feeling their campaign conveys, the message they are sending,  and what they are striving to be remembered for. Consider McDonald’s incredibly successful “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign. You can bet each individual character within this short tagline underwent lengthy testing, with a number of focus groups.  A misplaced apostrophe, or an errant exclamation point could drastically change the feel of the campaign. The different between “McDonald’s, I’m loving it.” and “McDonald’s, I’m Lovin’ it!”” is a 7 figure price tag on a successful campaign.

Good marketers know that even the fonts they use to create a tagline can instill a feeling which can ever so slightly alter the meaning of the words that make up a tagline. Fonts can feel formal, casual, trendy or fun. The job of a great marketing team is to note every aspect of a message, and to control it, delivering the feeling they want you to feel, with nothing left to chance.

While McDonald’s wants to be memorable, they also want to be memorable for the right reason. Would you want to be remembered for being associated with a cringe-worthy (I call them douche chills) circus style performance? No. And while I’d certainly remember a lawyer who gave cross examination while standing on his head in a TV commercial, the chances are slim and none that I’d actually hire him.

So, if someone recommends you run a print ad upside down because it will “make people stop and take notice,” unless you’re selling gravity boots,  hang up on them quickly, and get Generations Beyond on the phone!

babyCreatives are a funny bunch. They need to be cared for, appreciated and above all never fed after midnight. Occasionally, as in any other aspect of business, a creative conflict is bound to occur when working with these creatures. Now, a professional creative has been office-broken, and only has their hissy fits in private. They do this in their natural, cubicular environment far away from, and out of ear-shot of, the client. It is (or should be depending on your agency) a rare occurrence for any member of the general public to catch this act in the wild.


Should I be worried that my creative seems testy?
Not really. Consider this: when was the last time you showed any emotion about a topic you had very little passion about?
Lets say someone borrows your car and moved your seat? Is this annoying? YES, do you actually show visible emotion to the annoyance? Probably not. More than likely you made a mental note, addressed the issue, and moved on, never thinking about it again because it just wasn’t that important to you.
When your creative has a hissy fit, it’s likely because your project is VERY important to them! He or she may have begun to bond and care for your business logo, video or website design as they would a child or pet, and do not want any of the evils, or ugliness of the outside world to harm it. Many creatives even take pride in their work, and develop a sense of personal ownership over the projects they’re involved in. When a creative of this ilk senses that the artistic integrity of a project they’re working on is being threatened, they may become defensive, show bright facial colors, or even make barking sounds. This is entirely normal behavior, but, again, a professional creative, and one that is officebroken, will only do these things in private.


So a frustrated creative isn’t a negative thing? 
Not at all! Consider it a sign that your creative has developed a deep concern for the outcome of your project they they appear to be frustrated with the process. While an improperly officebroken creative is certainly not something you want to keep in a public environment such as a conference room, a creative that is prone to such behavior is that way because of their deep concern over your projects well being. If you should encounter a non-officebroken creative working on your project, this does not mean that the quality of work will suffer, however you may want to keep your distance from this unprofessional (and potentially dangerous) creative, as hissy fits do stem from a deep rooted passion and ownership for your project and can sometimes result in tossed snack foods.


For your enjoyment:
We caught a rare glimpse of a creative hissy fit within the hallowed halls of Generations Beyond  (far, far from client ears) and actually captured it on video. We hope you enjoy:


In the digital marketing world of eateries and nightlife, “social media” is the be-all end-all in self-promotional buzzwords. Anyone with a quality business establishment can benefit from using social media outlets to increase awareness of their brand, create dialogue with their current and potential future clients and even deal with negative comments in a public forum to turn negative press into positive.
But what happens when your business turns up on a social site that you cannot completely control such as Yelp?


What Is Yelp? Yelp is an online urban city guide that helps people find cool places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play, based on the informed opinions of a vibrant and active community of locals in the know. Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great — and not so great — in your world.


What happens in the (all too common) event when a disgruntled employee or even a local competitor fills your profile with hateful rants?


Without the ability to remove posts on Yelp, the way you can on Facebook, all the positive spin in the world will not quell the person with an axe-to-grind angrily from posting hostile reviews from the safety of their home.


So what do you do if your establishment encounters a “Yelp Disaster”?


The Knee-Jerk Reaction #1 – CRY TO MOMMY

The #1 response to a Yelp disaster is “I’ll get my friends and family to post glowing reviews to offset the balance!” Hold on there! You thought of it, and YELP has thought of it too, so they’ve created a “filtering system” to combat false reviews. While admittedly, it is still flawed, YELP is sticking to their guns and using their filtering system to weed out what they consider to be unrealistic reviews.


The Knee-Jerk Reaction #2 – I’LL SUE!

The second most common reaction is to pursue legal recourse. While this topic is still a grey area as to who is legally in the right and who is in the wrong, a case for defamation can easily be made and filed by any lawyer looking for a quick paycheck. Even if you’re successful with your claim, it will most likely a very long, and very public affair, and yes, Yelp has already thought of this too. They have a very lengthy FAQ about how they think you should handle your lawsuit questions and actions, so let’s move on…


Logical Reaction #1 – Use Yelps Other Tools

More than 50% of visits to a restaurants website will be on a mobile device. This fact means that most of your clients will have a mobile device handy while dining.


Encourage check-ins via the Yelp Mobile app. Reward or entice customers to check-in on the app. Studies show that people are generally kinder when they know their words will be associated with their identity in an in-person encounter.


In addition, your regulars are the most likely people to respond to such an offer, and they’re even less likely to bash you while they’re taking advantage of your special offer.


Logical Reaction #2 – Time & Volume – Do What You Do!

While self-admittedly flawed, in time, Yelp claims its filtering system brings “validated” reviews to the top and over time sends bad reviews to the bottom.
Here is a short video on their filtering system:

What’s the difference? A Yelp user who has a long standing history of holding an account with Yelp and has reviewed many establishments (fairly) holds a lot more weight according to Yelp than someone who just joined to post a scathing review minutes after joining then abandoning yelp altogether.


In short, if you are providing quality product and service, just keep doing what you are doing, in time your good name and good service will prevail and the cream will rise to the top and the unfair negatives will sink like a stone.

So who takes home the coveted prize for Viral Video Marketer for the toughest month of October? The top 3 ingredients of a typical, successful viral video is funny, sexy or scary. This makes October a month of high competition and the top dog always turns out something great. This month’s winner is a bit of a weird experiment…

Can you be a viral video marketer if you are not really marketing anything?

Stipulations aside, we’d feel remiss if we did not share this viral video marketing experience with you this month. Check out Take This Lolipop, sit back and “relax?”

Creator, Jason Zada claims “I just love Halloween” and that’s that. Write ups in the New York Times and Forbes coupled with tying into the holiday spirit along with everyone’s fears with sharing anything online certainly is helping this one make the rounds in a big way.


Going Beyond. What does that mean to you? If someone told you your dream job was out there, just waiting for you, but you’d have to “Go Beyond” to get it, what would you do? Would you buy a new suit? Make a video resume? How about create an entire website dedicated to expressing your love and devotion to that possible employer?

That’s exactly what Netta Marshall, a web designer and developer did in order to land herself a job at Instagram. Instagram is an organization dedicated to bringing a unique memory mosaic to each one of us through the act of sharing iPhone photos between friends.

On the Instagram website, they have a page to upload a resume, and we’re sure that thousands of people have done just that, but how many of them went beyond like Netta?

Netta created to help her land the job of her dreams. On top of being a wonderfully graphic representation of her artistic and programming abilities, it showcases her passion and creativity as well. The site is clean and well designed. It’s friendly, but professional. It includes everything a prospective employer could want and more. THAT is what going beyond means to us at Generations Beyond. It means that in addition to covering your bases, you recreate the entire ball field from scratch and make it your own.

In a time when sequels and remakes rule the day, it’s inspiring to see Netta’s kind of creativity. We love to see that level of commitment and dedication in other members of our field and we’re looking forward to adding the next Netta to our own team. Of course, the next Netta won’t make a website, she (or he!) will have to find another way to go beyond. Luckily for us, and for everyone who enjoys watching great ideas unfold, that’s bound to happen. There’s always an artist out there reaching for their dreams, and with luck, a few of them will succeed.

So, take some direction from Netta, and stretch beyond what’s expected of you.

Until you go beyond, your dreams will always be beyond you, but once you do, they’ll be right there waiting.