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libnI was recently interviewed by Long Island Business News on the topic of my last post about using video on the web to estabslish yourself as an expert and drive traffic to your website.

During the interview we spoke at great length about the topic however LIBN must have had to really broaden the topic to reach a more general “non-techy” audience. It helped me realized that while this is an incredibly cheap, fast and powerful way of marketing via the internet it can also seem a bit overwhelming to the casual business owner so I plan on creating a video explaining this great means of marketing very soon! Stay tuned!

You read the article below which was taken from their website at:

Jack Chapman, a salary negotiation expert in Chicago, wanted to increase the amount of time people linger on his Web site. So he added video.

In the past, that might have been complicated and costly, requiring new coding, the use of a special server to accommodate video, and a studio. Not anymore.

Chapman used $70 floodlights and a video camera to record himself at home giving free salary negotiation tips and then uploaded the video to YouTube. Jesse Wroblewski, owner of Mastic Beach-based Generations Beyond, helped him link the video to his Web site and Chapman was ready for his close-up.

“It looks like you’re playing a video on my site,” Chapman said. “All you’re doing is clicking a button and watching a video on YouTube.”

As the Internet shifts from a static to a moving medium, firms are finding they can make the leap to moving pictures with little more than a camera, a computer and creativity. And sites like YouTube are making it easier than ever.

“I don’t know how I would’ve done it,” Chapman said. “You can embed video in a Web site. But I don’t know how to do it. This was easy enough.”

Wroblewski said small and large companies increasingly use YouTube and other video search engine technologies to present and post videos easily, quickly and cheaply to grow their business and recruit.

“They do it all,” he said of YouTube. “They host your video. If you get a million visitors, you’re not going to see an increase in your budget.”

Murray Kleiner, president of technical writing firm Murray Kleiner Associates in Plainview, said sites, such as YouTube, shield small businesses from additional costs.

“When you have videos on your server, it takes up bandwidth and you pay for that,” he said. “If you put it on YouTube, it’s not your problem anymore.”

Other video search engines let companies post videos including, and Vimdeo. And Myspace and Facebook offer video. But Wroblewski said YouTube, owned by Google, is the giant garnering the most hits and postings.

“Now that YouTube is so popular, people are using it to search for what they need. You can film a video, upload it to YouTube. Within a half hour it’ll be indexed,” Wroblewski said. “We’re helping clients create videos to get them indexed on YouTube to drive traffic to their Web site.”

And Kleiner said YouTube’s biggest benefit may not be ease of use, but traffic. “Because more people visit YouTube, there’s a good chance they may get to see your video,” he said. “If your video’s only on your Web site, the biggest challenge is to get them to go to your Web site.”

Companies also can create what amounts to their own Web page on YouTube filled with videos offering tips, demonstrations or communications with viewers.

“Each company can brand their own page with their corporate look and feel to stand out from the crowd,” Wroblewski said. “It’s a big sea, but compared to all the other search engines on the Internet, it’s still a tiny pond. You’re talking about all the Web sites in existence versus the videos there.”

Wroblewski said companies can use video to position themselves as experts and connect with customers. “People see you on a video,” Wroblewski said. “You’re sharing your information with them. It’s instant rapport. It builds equity in who you are.”

Video also keeps people interested longer than text. Chapman’s average site visit since he posted his video rose from 30 seconds to longer than two minutes.

“By putting videos there, people stay there longer and look at the rest of the content,” Chapman said. “It seems that the pedagogy of having me talk about things worked better than making people just read.”

In addition to getting interest and business, companies can monetize traffic to their video. pays for videos generating 10,000 or more hits. “If you provide useful enough information, you can get a check cut for uploading your video,” Wroblewski said.

Although posting video to YouTube is free, firms face risks. Viewers can post malicious comments unless firms turn off the comment function. Inappropriate videos can go up in the “related video” bar based on words you type to describe your video. “Companies may want to keep control of their own stuff,” Kleiner said.

I often come across a client who cannot immediately come up with topics for videos to share and help market their website. This is usually a place where a good brainstorming session can really pay off!

I recently came across a brilliant piece of video marketing from a company who manufactures industrial shredders. Possibly the greatest part of the marketing effort was I didn’t even consider it to be marketing until after 6 or 7 minutes and watching a dozen or so videos of “WATCH IT SHRED!” I could not help but remember their company name and take a visit to their website.

Here is one of their more memorable shreds!

So don’t be afraid to get creative with your marketing video topics!


expertI’ve written a number of articles and books related to the internet, and when I needed a title for my monthly column I came up with “Ask The Internet Expert”. Why you ask? Allow me to explain.

Who do people like to do business with?
You guessed it – “the expert.”

Think about the last time you came across an “expert”. It was most likely watching the news or browsing the Internet. Aside from a flashy graphic labeling this person an “expert” what actually made them an “expert”?

There are several common traits that lead an audience to determine that the person they’re listening to is “an expert.”

  • Someone who is sharing his or her expertise.
  • Someone who has been able to publish articles related to their field of business.
  • Someone who is being interviewed in print or appearing on a professional video of some sort.

Now ask yourself:
Do these people have credibility?
If you were in need of services in their industry, would you be likely to consider them?

Most times the answer to both of these questions is, YES!

We often assume that if a person is in the media, then someone has checked them out so they MUST be an expert. They ARE qualified to be writing that article, sharing that information, appearing in that video or giving that interview.

Do you know what it takes to become an expert in your industry?
It’s easier than you might think!

The first step in becoming an expert in your field is by appointing yourself “an expert”. Congratulations, step #1 complete!

The next step is to begin sharing your expertise. Some of my clients have written books, published articles or have gone on public speaking tours throughout the world, but I said this was “easy” in the title right?

One of the greatest powers of the Internet is its ability to make almost EVERYTHING easier! Video is the hottest trend on the Internet today. It is considerably easier to get your video listed on mega-popular sites such as YouTube or MySpace than it is to get your site listed on standard search engines such as Google or Yahoo!

I’ve been using this simple fact to begin cross promoting my clients as experts on such sites by uploading videos, watermarking them with their website’s URL, and providing links to the “expert’s’” website in the video description. What would have taken 3-6 months to get done on Google now gets done in less than 24 hours on Youtube. You can go from being a nobody, to being the primary source of information in your chosen field in under a day.

In addition to these valuable links to your website, you will begin building the image of yourself as an expert in your field with each and every helpful video you upload! In addition, you will build trust with each person searching for an answer to the question or topic your video covers because they will be getting this information from you directly, not a book or article. Trust brings comfort, and what is better than doing business with people you feel can actually help you, and with whom you are comfortable?

So there you have it! Get out there and start sharing your expertise. Establish yourself as an expert in your field and begin driving some additional traffic to your website as a bonus! If you need help producing some professional, Internet videos feel free to give me a call! I have a local video production studio available to suit all of your needs! 631.696.0324.

Ask The Expert!
Send your internet questions to:
[email protected]

The “Internet Expert” is Jesse Wroblewski of Long Island web design firm Generations Beyond
and author of 25 Hacks, Tips & Internet Tricks ANYONE Can Do!

Happy New Year to all of our existing clients and new clients we will be working with in 2009!
I have a wealth of information to share on our new blog to aid you in launching and marketing a successful website.

Below is an excerpt from an older article from my column “Ask The Internet Expert” along with a NEW OFFER to help kick off the new year!

From “Ask The Internet Expert” April 2005…

…Congratulations on recognizing the incredible potential of internet marketing! Putting your business on the web will expand your audience by leaps and bounds at very little expense. Because getting started in the world of HTML, PHP and FTP can be very intimidating (especially if you don’t even know what they mean,) I’ve put together my top 3 tips to help eliminate your fears and help you on your way to internet success!


#1 Secure an established designer!
I often hear from new website owners who have trouble contacting their designers, some of whom just dissapear! Think twice before hiring a fly-by-night design firm or “buddy” who might abandon you midway through your project.

#2 Use “worry-free” web hosting!
Web hosting is like paying rent on the internet. Every website has to pay their share in order to be online. Hosting may not be included with your webpage design so be sure to ask your designer how much this will run! Save yourself the headache of dealing with website downtime and glitches and go with a reliable web host. Your website should be up and working all the time!

#3 Don’t be intimidated! Don’t hesitate!
Get online TODAY!
Possibly the biggest mistake I see people make is hesitating to finally get their business online. At the very least get your contact information online. Any reputable, cost-effective designer should be able to get your business online within 24 hours, for about the cost of one decent lunch per month! This will allow your business to begin getting noticed by search engines and will allow others to find you. So don’t wait a minute longer!



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