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June 18, 2011




Free ticket to All GB Employees that are brave enough to attempt attending sign up by June 2, 2011 to confirm tickets.

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Every month we’ll mention campaigns, companies and brands who we think rocked or missed out in the world of internet marketing.

Win: The Chrysler Road to Literacy Campaign

The jist: Test drive an all-new 2011 Town & Country and Chrysler will donate five books to the school of your choice, plus an additional five books to a school in need. The goal is to donate 150,000 books to schools across the country.

Why we like it: Who doesn’t like a campaign that promotes literacy? The main reason why this campaign is a winner this month is because of it’s sweet Facebook application. It breaks it down into three easy steps what the customer has to do to make the donation happen. It also lets you track the donations already made and filter the donations by state. Additionally, the campaign is driven by a legitimate, real-world action by the consumer: the test drive. Anyone in marketing knows that getting the customer to try your product is an important task.

The downside: The Facebook book page shows that only 380 books have been donated so far, pretty far cry from the 150,000 goal. Maybe with a little love from the Generations Beyond  blog that’ll change.

Fail: American Girl

Dear American Girl,

I remember the many hours I spent playing with Samantha and Josephine. Despite the fact that they are separated by 80 years of history does not change the fact that they were best friends in my 12-year-old bedroom. I also fondly remember my sister and I spending even more countless hours making our own plays on the computer with American Girl Doll Premiere. (It would make an excellent Broadway musical.)

Please be assured that I am still fond of your company even though my dolls have been in the attic for 10 years. However, your facebook page well, sucks.

You haven’t made an update since 2009 despite the fact that you have 15,000+ followers and the last one asked you a question 4 hours ago at the time of writing. How disappointing.

But take heart! Plenty of other companies are making money promoting their businesses and selling American Girl style clothing using your facebook page. I’m sure it gives you great pleasure to hear that other companies are benefiting from the community you have abandoned.

Most fondly yours,

Generations Beyond


Generations Beyond is celebrating our recent expansion into our new, state-of-the-art Design & video production facility. Come hang out with us! Meet the newly expanded team. Eat our food!

Who is Generations Beyond? We are a small, creative agency making BIG waves on Long Island!



Headed to NYC To:

  • Preliminary Shooting of new GB commercial
  • Hang out
  • Shop
  • Attend Quentin Vs. Coen Gallery exhibit
  • Ride the “Florence & Brendan’s Never Ending Bus Ride” (tentative)
  • Dinner… like gentlemen

Whatever, we just want to see our favorite cinematic worlds collide. Has the whole world gone crazy? Are we the only ones around here who give a shit about tipping your waitress? Stuff like that. The show runs one weekend from April 7th to the 9th at Bold Hype Gallery, 547 West 27th Street. If you miss it in a dream you better wake up and apologize for not listening to the Dude’s story…



To read more about the gallery show visit:

to sign up see Cat Jackson in Human Resources.

UPDATE! We had a blast! And saw Giant Japanese Monsters Wrestling!


In the late 90’s, when we first began building website most small businesses didn’t have, and, honestly, didn’t really need a website. But, within a few short years, the undeniable growth of the internet began to reach out in every direction, including that of the small business community. The tremendous potential for a new form of very effective marketing, combined with the “everyone else seems to be doing it, so I have to as well” popularity of internet branding, soon had websites for every type of business sprouting up all over the place. No one who was anyone could get by without a website, and if your answer to the “Are you online?” question was no, you were clearly not a “serious” contender for success within your industry.

However, as with most impulsive business decisions into unexplored terrain, the results tended to be a little lackluster. People who just wanted to be able to say “yes! We’re online!” were suddenly aware that having a bad website was actually a worse situation to be in than having no website at all.  In just another few years, one of the most common thing we heard from incoming clients was “HELP! We have to redo our website ASAP, what we have up now is just embarrassing, and hurting our business!” And so began the age of internet marketing for the small business.

With that in mind, I can’t help but draw similar parallels to the whole “social media craze” that we are currently experiencing. I can no longer count how many businesses impulsively ask clients to follow or like them on a social network without so much as a second thought as to why their clients should, or if they do… well, what then?

With the ever growing importance and potential of social media marketing you can bet in a very short time, we’ll be hearing quotes like “We have to revamp our social media campaigns! What we’re doing right now (or not doing!) is hurting our business!”