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So who takes home the coveted prize for Viral Video Marketer for the toughest month of October? The top 3 ingredients of a typical, successful viral video is funny, sexy or scary. This makes October a month of high competition and the top dog always turns out something great. This month’s winner is a bit of a weird experiment…

Can you be a viral video marketer if you are not really marketing anything?

Stipulations aside, we’d feel remiss if we did not share this viral video marketing experience with you this month. Check out Take This Lolipop, sit back and “relax?”

Creator, Jason Zada claims “I just love Halloween” and that’s that. Write ups in the New York Times and Forbes coupled with tying into the holiday spirit along with everyone’s fears with sharing anything online certainly is helping this one make the rounds in a big way.


Going Beyond. What does that mean to you? If someone told you your dream job was out there, just waiting for you, but you’d have to “Go Beyond” to get it, what would you do? Would you buy a new suit? Make a video resume? How about create an entire website dedicated to expressing your love and devotion to that possible employer?

That’s exactly what Netta Marshall, a web designer and developer did in order to land herself a job at Instagram. Instagram is an organization dedicated to bringing a unique memory mosaic to each one of us through the act of sharing iPhone photos between friends.

On the Instagram website, they have a page to upload a resume, and we’re sure that thousands of people have done just that, but how many of them went beyond like Netta?

Netta created www.IWannaWorkAtInstagram.com to help her land the job of her dreams. On top of being a wonderfully graphic representation of her artistic and programming abilities, it showcases her passion and creativity as well. The site is clean and well designed. It’s friendly, but professional. It includes everything a prospective employer could want and more. THAT is what going beyond means to us at Generations Beyond. It means that in addition to covering your bases, you recreate the entire ball field from scratch and make it your own.

In a time when sequels and remakes rule the day, it’s inspiring to see Netta’s kind of creativity. We love to see that level of commitment and dedication in other members of our field and we’re looking forward to adding the next Netta to our own team. Of course, the next Netta won’t make a website, she (or he!) will have to find another way to go beyond. Luckily for us, and for everyone who enjoys watching great ideas unfold, that’s bound to happen. There’s always an artist out there reaching for their dreams, and with luck, a few of them will succeed.

So, take some direction from Netta, and stretch beyond what’s expected of you.

Until you go beyond, your dreams will always be beyond you, but once you do, they’ll be right there waiting.

Where does the year go? Already September and not too many viral video campaigns have caught my eye this year, but fear not, Halloween season is right around the corner which is typically ripe for Virals.

I wanted to squeeze in this campaign from FX Networks new show American Horror Story before something from October knocked it out of it’s spot. Not much is known about the show which is already due to debut in a few days (surely part of their overall awareness or unawareness approach for this mysterious property)!

Somehow FX Networks actually got people to volunteer to have the sh*t scared out of them at any given time. Can’t imaging the legal hoops that had to have been jumped through, but this groundbreaking network got it done and Ill let you view, laugh, and share the awesome results as Im sure everyone at the network expects, enjoy my personal fav:

For a full youtube page of dozens of these scares from the show visit the official page at: http://www.youtube.com/user/americanhorrorstory#g/a

There’s an old (and, very likely NSFW) joke that’s the subject of today’s post; we’ll call it “Two Bulls On The Hill, ” and it goes like this:

There are two bulls standing on a hill overlooking a pasture full of cows. The younger bull, eager, but lacking experience, says to the old bull “Hey, let’s run down there and [email protected]#k ourselves a cow.” The old bull, who has spent season after season in this pasture, turns to the younger bull, chuckles, and replies “Nah, how about we walk down there, and [email protected]#k them all.”

Now, anyone who’s ever heard me speak at a seminar, or who’s scheduled a consult with me, knows I’m a BIG FAN of analogies. They’re a great way to take a big and complex idea and break it down into something more manageable.  At Generations Beyond, not a week goes by without the phone at the studio ringing, and on the other end is a client who’s just “heard of a trick” or “found a great tactic” to increase their rankings within Google.
With the recent headlines  about Google’s “massive update,” and the way it punishes those it labels as “cheats,” (JC Penny is an excellent example of a company that was swatted down in the ranks for violating Google’s sense of “fair play”) we feel it’s a good time to reiterate the fact that Google does have a method to its madness. Google’s stated goal (aside from “Do No Evil”) is to sift through every corner of the Internet and find the most important, relevant Web sites and to deliver those results to the Google user. It’s simple, if your Google searches end up giving you irrelevant, or useless results, you’re going to stop using Google. It’s in their best interest to ensure that the people they label as “cheats” aka Black Hat Service Providers (or what some clients or “young bulls” in the story would consider providers of hot SEO “tips”) fail. It may not happen today, or even tomorrow, but sooner rather than later, the company that you’re paying good money to in order to “cheat” Google is going to be discovered and those “hot” tips will go ice cold in a hurry. A good rule of thumb for “tips” like these is that by the time they trickle down through the grapevine, it’s not going to be long before Google shuts them down.

This takes us back to our bovine buddies on the hill.  As the old bull in the story had clearly learned, slow and steady wins the race. Rather than rush out and try to steal a small success, it’s almost always better to take a steady and focused approach to your goal. In almost every facet of life, and certainly in every facet of growing your business, this is what will reap the greatest rewards. This is what our  philosophy relating to SEO is built upon. The slow, steady and quality growth of your website, with new, and quality content, is THE key to building a solid search ranking over time with Google. Sure, the young bull in all of us wants to run to the finish line and reap the immediate benefits, it behooves us (no pun intended) to take a step back, survey the pasture, and know that with experience comes knowledge, and a little planning, and a little finesse, will always garner the best rewards.

What is social media?

This might seem very obvious to some of you but what exactly does the broad term “social media” cover? What about “social media marketing,” “digital marketing” or “content marketing?” Are these all umbrella terms under “social media?” Do the terms cover overlapping topics?

Social media is still in it’s infancy. It’s important to note that the definition of social media is not clear in any way. This post should clear up a few misconceptions and help further define “social media.”


According to Wikipedia, Social Media is “the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.”

The analogy we like to use over at Generations Beyond is that traditional marketing is talking into a megaphone at a group of people who might be interested in your product or service. There might be several different people with megaphones trying to shout over you, those are your competitors. Whoever has the biggest megaphone wins, not necessarily the best product or the best offer. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is a conversation. You need to talk but listening is key. Building relationships with people will get you engagement which will affect sales. The key word is “dialogue.”

Next Time: Social Media 101 – Pt 2: It is more than just Twitter and Facebook.