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An Inside Higher Ed article states that“…developing a brand is about differentiating from your category…”. You read that correctly. The NACAC recruitment rule changes of 2019 underscore the fact that your college is a brand. That may be difficult to hear based upon the non-commercialized image Higher Ed has historically projected to its potential students. (Actually, let me remain consistent and call them who they are. They are your customers and they will spend a lot, if not most, of their financial resources for your product. In fact, they are willing to go into deep debt for many years to pay for your product! Besides a home, what other product can claim such notoriety?!)

With the combination of COVID-19 and the new Executive Order threatening schools who focus on diversifying their student community, your 2021 recruitment challenge just went directly to Selectivity Level 1 Most Competitive. Not only are you competing with other Higher Education institutions (oops, brands!), you’re also facing dwindling candidate numbers, the impending Enrollment Cliff of 2026, and budget and funding costs; this gives you the perfect storm that some school brands very sadly will not weather.

No matter how you twist it, the outlook is bleak.

The fact is, your brand is selling a product (knowledge and a degree) obtained through a service (education), albeit an altruistic and admirable one, but nonetheless, a service. Your ability (or inability) to attract your customers will insure that your brand has a long and successful life. 

So how exactly do you go about building your brand?

Founded in 1999, Generations Beyond is a highly experienced branding company. Generations Beyond has created a unique, comprehensive, and integrated strategy to hyper-target absolutely ideal customers. We have a unique solution which funnels you the very best candidates while simultaneously dropping your CPA by up to 50% from the cost you are currently paying to acquire these students.

One leg of the strategy gets you in front of your hyper-targeted audience over 45 times a month for just .94! That’s less than three cents per view! Imagine your ideal candidate seeing your ad with a strong call to action 45 times in a month.  

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