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With everyone still staying at home to flatten the curve the desire to go outside is becoming increasingly overwhelming. With public transportation being risky and flights out of the question, everyone is wondering: how can I get free?

This mentality is what is encouraging a Gap Year for students. A Gap Year is when a student decides to take off from school for a year with a vague assumption that they will return in the following year. There has been a 380% jump in searches compared to July of last year.

So how can we stop students from moving closer to obtaining that Gap Year? Introducing ReRoute. ReRoute, Generations Beyond’s cutting-edge recruitment technology,will locate your ideal students of diversity for pennies on your marketing dollars, lowering your cost per click and thus your cost per acquisition. 

With our emphasis on higher education, we utilize a hyper-focused premarket connection with your target audience combining the power of cutting edge IP and physical address crosshair technology to populate higher personalized digital ad marketing. Once we’ve identified your audience we utilize our honing technology to ReCover anyone who visited your website but didn’t stay by sending them a direct mailer. By going beyond simply optimizing your keywords, we apply the newest marketing strategies, tools, and technologies to drastically lower your marketing costs.

We can help you get your students back. If you are interested please book a brief 15 minute consultation with us.