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You’ve Got to Be Very Careful if You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, Because You Might Not Get There. – Yogi Berra

“Amid fears of low fall enrollment and widespread disruption to students’ academic progress, colleges are getting creative with ways to engage with students,” says a July 16, 2020 Inside Higher Ed article.

Question: Your website is the gateway to prospective students. What is your best marketing strategy to drive your highest quality candidates to the site, engage with them, and capture their information for subsequent outreach efforts?

  1. Reallocate travel expenses into an increased student acquisition budget?
  • Hyper-target your prime candidates utilizing cutting-edge marketing technology?
  • Invest your recruitment spend in a high ROI platform that reaches your prime candidates for just $.026 per view?
  • All of the above?

ReRoute, Generations Beyond’s cutting-edge recruitment technology is the optimal, comprehensive marketing strategy to help you find your ideal students as well as help them find you. It does everything above, and much more.
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