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Generations Beyond, a Long Island, NY based digital marketing firm has recently made a deal to acquire b.creative, another New York based digital marketing and social media firm.

In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, everyone is always looking for an edge up on the competition, and Generations Beyond believes they’ve found one in b.creative. b.creative is a social media marketing powerhouse based out of New York City. Led by co-founders Jayson Siano and Gina Baxter, b.creative will be taking over the social media side of Generations Beyond, leaving the GB team more time to handle their ever-growing digital marketing roster.

“For years now Jayson Siano has been the one to watch on social. Having him as a part of team GB is a dream come true,” says Jesse Wroblewski, owner of digital marketing firm Generations Beyond.

The new partnership will benefit both firms, who have worked together for years. “b.creative has developed a really strong foothold in the social media world and we’ve tackled everything else there is in digital marketing. To us, the pairing is just the next step to becoming a marketing superpower,” says Wroblewski.

Generations Beyond is pleased to be able to improve their clients’ marketing experience with the expertise in social media that the b.creative team brings to the table, while the b.creative team is very excited to have the ability to offer their clients many other best-in-class services that Generations Beyond will provide.

“Our business has increased significantly post-Coronavirus because people and companies understand how important it is to capture attention when you can no longer do business in person. Branding and digital media are more important now than ever and the timing of this partnership could not be better,” says Siano.

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