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At Generations Beyond, we’re proud to be the people that clients turn to when they need to “push the envelope” or think outside the box… it’s what we call “going beyond,” and it’s our specialty.  However, there are times in marketing where even the folks at Generations Beyond have to recommend coloring inside the lines. One prime example of this is the world of e-commerce. While it’s important to utilize a thoughtful and strategic process to get people to notice your brand and your shop, once they get there, it’s extremely important to “color inside the lines” and give them an experience they are used to.

When an online shopper visits your website, places item into their cart, and for whatever reason decides not to go through with the purchase, that’s called “Cart Abandonment,” and it’s the greatest problem that most e-commerce shop owners have to overcome.  From both  design & marketing perspectives, it is important to note that online shoppers are both coveted, and, increasingly demanding when it comes to their shopping experience. Anything from a slightly unexpected event, such as a pop-up in the wrong place, or even something as small as an out of place font, to a change in what the customer perceives as the standard checkout procedure, can lead a potential new client astray, and right to your competition.

It is for this reason that when a potential client has a “great idea” such as having an animated shopping cart fly across the screen each time the “add to cart” button is pushed, to help “set their store apart” from the rest, we, in an unusual move for GB,  take the path of sticking to what already works.

Aside from design & programming, here are some additional reasons your clients may be abandoning their carts: