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babyCreatives are a funny bunch. They need to be cared for, appreciated and above all never fed after midnight. Occasionally, as in any other aspect of business, a creative conflict is bound to occur when working with these creatures. Now, a professional creative has been office-broken, and only has their hissy fits in private. They do this in their natural, cubicular environment far away from, and out of ear-shot of, the client. It is (or should be depending on your agency) a rare occurrence for any member of the general public to catch this act in the wild.


Should I be worried that my creative seems testy?
Not really. Consider this: when was the last time you showed any emotion about a topic you had very little passion about?
Lets say someone borrows your car and moved your seat? Is this annoying? YES, do you actually show visible emotion to the annoyance? Probably not. More than likely you made a mental note, addressed the issue, and moved on, never thinking about it again because it just wasn't that important to you.
When your creative has a hissy fit, it's likely because your project is VERY important to them! He or she may have begun to bond and care for your business logo, video or website design as they would a child or pet, and do not want any of the evils, or ugliness of the outside world to harm it. Many creatives even take pride in their work, and develop a sense of personal ownership over the projects they're involved in. When a creative of this ilk senses that the artistic integrity of a project they're working on is being threatened, they may become defensive, show bright facial colors, or even make barking sounds. This is entirely normal behavior, but, again, a professional creative, and one that is officebroken, will only do these things in private.


So a frustrated creative isn't a negative thing? 
Not at all! Consider it a sign that your creative has developed a deep concern for the outcome of your project they they appear to be frustrated with the process. While an improperly officebroken creative is certainly not something you want to keep in a public environment such as a conference room, a creative that is prone to such behavior is that way because of their deep concern over your projects well being. If you should encounter a non-officebroken creative working on your project, this does not mean that the quality of work will suffer, however you may want to keep your distance from this unprofessional (and potentially dangerous) creative, as hissy fits do stem from a deep rooted passion and ownership for your project and can sometimes result in tossed snack foods.


For your enjoyment:
We caught a rare glimpse of a creative hissy fit within the hallowed halls of Generations Beyond  (far, far from client ears) and actually captured it on video. We hope you enjoy: