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Viral Video Marketer Of The Month – October 2011

So who takes home the coveted prize for Viral Video Marketer for the toughest month of October? The top 3 ingredients of a typical, successful viral video is funny, sexy or scary. This makes October a month of high competition and the top dog always turns out something great. This month's winner is a bit of a weird experiment...

Can you be a viral video marketer if you are not really marketing anything?

Stipulations aside, we'd feel remiss if we did not share this viral video marketing experience with you this month. Check out Take This Lolipop, sit back and "relax?"

Creator, Jason Zada claims "I just love Halloween" and that's that. Write ups in the New York Times and Forbes coupled with tying into the holiday spirit along with everyone's fears with sharing anything online certainly is helping this one make the rounds in a big way.