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Avoid Ego Media!!!

by Jesse Wroblewski

Ego Media is the #1 mistake businesses make when entering the social media environment.

ego-media (n) – the pollution occurring on social media platforms when boring, self-serving content alienates the audience and puts it to sleep.

I’ve coined this term after the countless mistakes businesses tend to make when they first enter into the social media environment. With social media becoming such a hot marketing trend for companies of all sizes, many businesses are often too quick to start up a Twitter account, or set up a Facebook profile for their future social media marketing efforts without considering that all important next step.

Once they’ve established a social networking profile, the follow up task of populating these profiles with valuable social media of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, most businesses fall prey to the easy-to-make mistake of polluting their profiles with boring, self-serving press releases, re-posting pre-existing marketing copy, or most commonly, spamming their audience completely with outright advertising.

While much of this information does have its place in a business’ marketing plan, the social media environment is not the best platform for it. Remember, the definition of social media is: The use of technology combined with social interaction to create or co-create value. Does your social media provide value to your audience, or just to you or your businesses’ ego?

While typically, we are always asking ourselves “is this good for the company?” the next time you post a youtube video, microblog or profile update ask yourself a different question. “Are you are providing something of value to your audience?”

Remember, to avoid ego media, be funny or entertaining, be informative or helpful, and most of all, provide something valuable to your audience when you are creating your social media.