Warning! You will probably wind up spending money before you complete reading this blog entry. (I did)


So much can be said about this incredible spot. I for one am inspired. For any small businesses or startups out there who thnk they can’t afford a video or commercial, this one features Dollar Shave Club’s CEO and Founder Michael Dubin. He wrote, shot and produced the entire commercial in his office/warehouse in one day. 90 seconds after watching, he got me signed up on a monthly plan.


Sure it’s funny, and sharable, but does it translate to profits? Well, Dollar Shave Club uploaded the video to youtube 4 days ago, since then they’ve garned over 2.5 million views and 30,000 likes on facebook. What would happen to your business with an extra 2.5 million eyeballs this week?

UPDATE – I was just notified that my new membership will not be able to be activated until May 15th. I guess things must really be buzzing around Dollar Shave Club’s offices. Congrats guys.

Jesse Wroblewski

Jesse Wroblewski is the founder of Long Island, NY based digital marketing agency Generations Beyond. Jesse has been known to throw up the devil horns at the site of beautiful CSS code.

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  1. Jesse,
    Those videos are definitely viral. Good to see you blogging again.

    I found this on LatestBlogPosts.com on your profile at http://www.latestblogposts.com/blogs/genbeyondsuf/technology


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